Pool Table Refelting: An Easy 7 Step How To Guide

pool table refelting

So theres a gaping hole in your beautiful pool table, or maybe your pool balls just aren’t rolling right. It’s Time to get a pool table refelting, and this guide is going to walk you through everything you need to know. We’ve gathered some of the best resources, instructions, and videos on the internet to help you figure out how to refelt a pool table.

So What Are The Steps To A Pool Table Refelting?

Do It Yourself :
(Harder/ Time Consuming)
Hire A Local
Billiard Table
Refelting Company :
(Costs More)
1. Measure Your Pool Table
2. Choose/Purchase the new felt
3. Gather Tools/ Supplies
4. Take Apart Your Pool Table
5. Remove All Old Felt
6. Fix Any Underlying Issues

(If Any)
7. Replace bumpers

8. Install New Felt
9. Put The Table Back Together
1. Measure Your Pool Table
2. Research / Call Local
Companies For a Quote
(Ideally 2 -3 Companies
For The Best Price)
3. Setup Date/Time For

Job To Be Completed

Obviously We’re not gonna eave you hanging, we walk you through every step below.

You’ve Got A Decision To Make:

When you decide to get or do a pool table refelting, you have to make a decision:

1- You can hire a local pool table installer

(Pro = Time, Con = Money)

2- Do It Yourself

(Pro = Money, Con = Time)

The Hire A Professional Route:

So, you decided to hire professionals, no shame, its tough especially if you don’t know how to refelt a pool table. Honestly, if your not a little technically inclined, or just don’t have the time right now, this is the better route. it’ll be done right the first time and guaranteed (by a reputable business).

So what does pool table refelting cost when you hire someone?

Our Recommended Felt:

Professional Quality Felt:Standard Quality Felt:
9 Ft Table
7 ft Table

To refelt a pool table, costs vary. If you have an 8ft table, your felt prices might be somewhere in the middle but costs dont end at felt, you’ll be paying for staples, glue, some saved time, and some skilled labor.

We will assume you have a 7ft table and want a professional feel. So for felt ,the cost is $270 .

So we mentioned the felt, the glue and the staples. The work should include staple removal, table felt removal, installation, and then leveling (if needed). The labor cost on the low end and the most affordable option is about $250 (a small and budget table) and the high end estimate for a bigger pool table advanced and felt installation is around $500.

To refelt a 7ft pool table, the cost should be under $750. Assuming you pre bought a tournament grade felt. With pre bought standard felt it should be around or under $550 (all in).
The good news is, the price for installation stays pretty consistent if you have a bigger pool table. The bad news is pool table felt costs increase.
(See Above Table For Recommended Felt & Average Costs)

If the company you hired needs to work on the chips and the defects of the slate under the felt, add an estimated $75 to $200 for the added labor cost. (for filling and leveling.)

Before you let them start their work, you should make sure they have had prior experience with how to refelt a pool table, and also guarantee and /or warranty their work.

Also make sure that your professional crew have a legit business license and the proper insurance documents.

I know it’s awkward sometimes but please, don’t be shy asking about a warranty as part of their service. If they seem to dodge your questions, don’t hire them.

The DIY Route:

As a DIY project, your costs starts and ends with the materials and the tools that you will purchase. So its hard to estimate how much it will cost to refelt your pool table.

If you go down the DIY path, you have to be decently confident about your construction skills because a pool table is an investment and expensive piece of furniture, this is NOT a 45 minute project. Clear a Saturday, educate yourself with some youtube videos before giving it a go.

You have to concern yourself with bubbles and wrinkles long after you have fitted in the felt if you do it as a DIY. If experts do it for you, it might cost you double the amount, but you would expect that the table and the table felt will be in top form, it will be leveled perfectly, and you get a guarantee on the work that the professional crew has done.

The Shopping List:

Professional Quality Felt:Standard Quality Felt:
9 Ft & 8.5 Ft Table
8 ft Table
7 ft Table

Compressor With Stapler
Alternative Nail Gun:
(If you think you’ll never use a compressor for any other project, or dont have the space for it.)
Heavy Duty Staple Remover:
  • You might not need any glue Check to see if your table is using staples only or a combination of staples and glue.

Machinist Level:
(Only if your Pool Table Slate Is Un-level)

How To Refelt A Pool Table (The DIY Route):

1. Measure And Determine What Size Your Pool Table Is:

Take the measurements of your pool table to know the quantity or length of felt that you have to purchase.

Heres a video on how to properly measure your pool table:

2. Bring Your Measurements To Your Local Billiards Supplier Or Grab A Precut Pool Table Felt Kit:

  • Expect the felt cost to be between $50 to somewhere around $400, depending on the quantity and quality of felt you need/want.
  • Wondering what quality of pool table felt to buy and what the differences are? Check this out:

Heres some tips if your buying your own felt:

  • Buy a little extra felt to allow for mistakes. It’s better that you have more felt than you need, unless you like making multiple trips to the store, that is.
  • Be sure that your new felt has no weird wrinkles, folds, or bumps. It should be smooth to the touch. The reason you are replacing your old felt is that you see or feel some defects that are already affecting your gameplay, make sure it looks/feels good
  • If your cutting your own felt, check out this guide on how to measure and make the proper cuts.

4. Take Apart Your Pool Table & Remove All Old Felt

It’s hard to tell you how to disassemble your specific pool table, since It varies from table to table. Here’s a great resource I found where the gentleman shows how to refelt a pool table. He shows how he got his pool table apart, and how he gets the work site setup for a pool table refelting, which I feel is valuable.

Only Need To Watch Till About 2mins 17secs For The Steps For Disassembly.

5. Fix Any Underlying Issues
(If Any)

6. Replace bumpers

7. Install New Felt & Put The Table Back Together

Closing Thoughts

These are some of THE most indepth videos we found that detail the steps for the entire process. I would use the videos under steps 4 and 7 together to answer any questions on specific details you have. We wish you the best of luck on your pool table refelting journey!


What is pool table felt made of ?

pool table felt colors and types

It is made from a combination of polyester and wool, or a blend of nylon and wool. What makes the difference between quality and standard felt is the manufacturing process, the wool quality, and the way the table cloth is woven.

Check out the differences between the cloth here:

How Long Does Pool Table Felt Last?

pool table refelting

The felt on your pool table, depending on the quality, who uses it, and whether you and your buddies are just learning or are pros can last from anywhere from 6 months to 10 years.

What’s the difference between premium and standard pool table felt?

premium pool table felt

Table felt is sometimes referred to as worsted or woolen cloth. Your budget and what your trying to achieve for your table would be factors to consider Casual players who play pool or billiards as a hobby typically choose a woolen blend while serious amateurs and professionals opt for worsted cloth.

How much does a pool table refelting cost?

seven foot pool table

If you had all the tools and did it yourself,, assuming a 7ft table you can buy Tournament Grade Pool Table Felt for about $270 , and that would be your entire cost. If you were to hire a professional company to refelt your pool table, we found that labor costs anywhere between $300 – $550, plus the cost of felt.

Can I Refelt my pool table?

pool table refelting costs for 7 ft table

Yes, it’s definitely a process. If you’ve worked with fabric before, or have a decent level of skill, this is a process that can be done by most people.

Is pool table refelting difficult?

pool table refelting

It’s not difficult, to refelt your pool table, Especially if you follow our guide above, we walk you through the steps, and show you some of our favorite youtube videos that walk you through the process shot by shot to make it easy for you.

How often should you change pool table felt?

We think pool table felt should only be changed when it’s starting to affect your gameplay, or if you’re doing pool table maintenance anyway.

This guide is going to walk you through everything you need to know about changing your pool table cloth. We’ve gathered some of the best resources, instructions, and videos on the internet to help you figure out how to refelt a pool table.

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