The Perfect Pool Table Room Size: A Modern Guide To Buying Pool Tables For Small Rooms In 2020.

pool table room size

We’ve all been there, you’re moving a heavy piece of furniture, you get to the doorway of the room, and realize, “This isn’t gonna fit”. In this article, we will explain what size your pool table room or space should be in order to have a pool table in it.

We want to save you the headache. We’ve determined the minimum dimensions for your pool table room, and if you stick around we’re going to share some Ideas on how to fit a pool table in (almost) any size room.

Suggested Pool Table Room Size:

Using Small Pool Cues:Using Reg. Pool Cues:
6 ft Table (Rec Size)14ft 6in (4.42 m) x
12ft (3.66 m)
15ft (4.57 m) x
12ft (3.66 m)
7 ft Table (Compact)15ft (4.57m) x
12ft (3.66m
16ft(4.88m) x
13ft (3.96m)
8 ft Table (Standard)16ft (4.88 m) x
13ft (3.96 m)
17ft (5.18m) x
14ft (4.27m)
9 ft Table
( Tournament Size)
16.5ft (5.03 m) x
14ft (4.27 m)
17.5 ft (5.33 m) x
14ft (4.27 meters)

Why is room size important for playing pool?

For all the people who might be thinking, why do we need to care about room size? Well, the answer is pretty simple actually. You want to be able to stand around the pool table comfortably and make sure you’re able to aim the cue and move it around without it banging into the back wall and puncturing a hole in it.

Want the quick and dirty answer? We think Robbies said it best:

Remember you are not measuring for a pool table so much as you are measuring for the pool cues around a pool table. How close the butt of the cue is to the wall will make a big difference on how much fun you will have playing the game. Standard 2 piece cues measure at least 58 inches in length. The pool room size needed then is the length of the pool table plus 2 times the length of the cue and the width of the pool table plus 2 times the length of the cue. (

So, if you didn’t care about your room size, now you should, but no need to worry. We’re here to help.

pool tables for small room

How to Find the Best Pool Table Room Size

There are some factors that you must look out for, before buying the wrong size of pool table for your game room (recreational room). These factors and some need to know info are below.

  •   Room Dimensions
  •    Cue Sizes

Pool Tables For Small Rooms– The minimums

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the length and the width of your game room can handle a pool table, comfortably. If there’s not adequate room, you’ll have to get a smaller pool table. 

Cue Sizes

Cues are important to consider, they can allow you to still keep a bigger table in your room, while allowing you to make shots from “That One Awkward Corner“. There are many sizes of cues available today ranging from 48 inches (1.22 m) to 61 inches (1.55 m).

 The two main types are:

  • Standard Cues
  • Small Cues (For children or people below normal height)

In the case of smaller rooms, you should get smaller cues that range from around 48 inches (1.22 m) to 52 inches (1.32 m). 

seven foot pool table

Pool Table Room Dimensions & Room Size Guide

When it comes to pool tables you do have options, and that’s why this guide is here. We want to point you towards the best experience you can have in whatever available area you have. Lets walk through some of the 

6ft (1.83 m)  Pool Table

A 6ft (1.83 m) or 72in pool table has one of the smallest table dimensions  on the market. If uyour looking for a pool table for small spaces, this is where you want to begin. 6 to 6.5ft tables are usually meant for saving space and can feelm a bit small for adults, but you have to make some tough decisions when space is small and the budget is limited. 

Pool Table Room Size Requirements

There are actually two room sizes where this size of the table would be placed comfortably in almost any rec room.

  The Perfect Room Size

The perfect dimensions for a 6ft (1.83 m) table with a standard full-length cue of around 58 inches (1.45 m) would be 15ft (4.57 m) x 12ft (3.66 m) for a comfortable placement of the tablewhile still having room to move around.

   Minimum Room Size

The minimum playing area would mean to go short on the standard cue size to get a balanced experience and even in that case the dimensions of the room must be about 14ft6in (4.42 m) x 12ft (3.66 m).

We Recommend This as the best pool table for small rooms or pool table room dimensions as small as 10’×14′.

This Pool Table below Has Great Reviews On Amazon and some People Have Even Fit It In A Room As Small as 10ft (3.05 m)  x 14ft (4.27 m). This is the best pool table for small spaces that cant accomodate full size pool tables. Make sure to checkout this “Weighty Feeling” short stick for those tight corners as well.

This Pool Table is only 6.5Ft and is our best pick for pool tables for small areas.

7ft (2.13 m) Pool Table

A 7ft or 84in pool table is one of the smaller standard of pool tables that doesn’t quite feel like a kids table, but it doesn’t feel like a full sized one as well. It is not too small and not huge either, this is a great compromise when your looking for pool tables for small spaces, and smaller budgets. The playing surface dimensions are usually around  78″ x 39″.

Pool Table Room Size Requirements

Well, there are actually two room sizes where this size of the table could work. We still think that this size is a great pick, when your looking for pool tables for apartments or a smaller room.

  The Perfect Room Size

The perfect dimensions for a 7ft table with a standard full-length cue of around 58 inches would be 16ft(4.88m) x 13ft (3.96m) for comfortable spacing around the table.

   Minimum Room Size

The minimum playing area would mean to go shorter than the standard cue size, so the minimum pool table room dimensions should be about 15ft (4.57m) x 12ft (3.66m).

We Recommend These 7 Ft Pool tables for small spaces.

This Table Can
Transform into a ping pong table too.
More Games More Fun!
This can be a perfect pool table for small rooms, because you can use it as your kithen table!Looking for just a good, surdy pool table? This is it, check out the reviews!This “Junior” stick has real weight behind it, but can help with those tight spaces, check it out!

8ft Pool Table

This is a slightly bigger size than the 7ft size. It is also considered one of the standard sizes of pool tables and is used in rec rooms as well as professional tournaments. The pool table room dimensions needed for this size and up, would generally need to be a bigger or more of an open space. Think a basement or a loft with open walls. The playing area is usually around  88″ x 44″.

Pool Table Room Size Requirements

  The Perfect Room Size

The recoomended for a comfortable pool placement with the standard 58in cue is around 17ft (5.18m) x 14ft (4.27m). You will be able to play pool without any problems in this room size.

  Minimum Room Size

For a slightly less comfortable yet very balanced experience with a smaller than average cue and an 8ft table would be possible in a room with a  playing area of 16ft x 13ft dimensions.

We Recommend These 8 Ft Pool Tables:

One Of The Reviewers
Said that his pool table
room dimensions are
” 11ft x 12.8ft  (wall on
2 sides and columns on
another two) ” . Using
Smaller cues you can
Make a lot work!
Here Is A proper 8ft
Slate Table. Great Reviews,
and comes with on site
installation, now thats service!

9ft Pool Table

This is one of the largest standard sizes of pool tables and because of its size, it is not usually used  for recreational use.If you wanted to get started practicing for tournaments, this is your go to. You’d most likely find these tables at casinos and pool shops/bars. The playing area is usually  100″ x 50″.

Pool Table Room Size Requirements

  The Perfect Room Size

The best possible 9ft pool table room size along with a standard cue would be about 17ft6in x 14ft dimensionally. This would provide the best and most comfortable play experience for all you Billiards pros in the making.

  Minimum Room Size

Even if your pool table room dimensions aren’t quite right, there are still ways to have a 9ft table placed in your house or recreational room if you play with smaller cues.


These are the standard (and one not so standard) pool table sizes.  We hoped what size table would work in your pool table room. Our goal is to help you get the right pool table, whether your looking for pool tables for small rooms, or have a giant game room ready for some tournament table practice. Best of luck!

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